I had a session with Aaron at Horizon Kinesiology and I can't recommend him enough! 

Some of the things he was able to uncover which are holding me back from my full potential was just incredible! Whilst the session was confronting it was also exactly what I needed and can not wait to go back to continue more much needed work on my soul/emotional health and wellbeing. 

If you have been struggling reaching your goals or making necessary change give Aaron a call!


My sessions with Aaron have been life-changing. My experience is that he is consistently able to join me as an equal in the exploration my multidimensional being. He is right there with me, not projecting, not imposing, fully seeing me and my expression of self and equally invested in the growth and healing my soul desires. I think it is this humility combined with his knowledge and practice of kineseology that have made my sessions so effective. Together, we have achieved some profound shifts and I am so very grateful to him for his compassion and support. He is an absolute gem!


Aarons ability to surprise me with his insight is seconded only by the impressiveness of his beard. He is like the Hagrid from Harry Potter or Hodor from Game of Thrones to my wounded inner child, carrying me on his back out of a dysfunctional family history. Looks like a cross between a Celtic santa and a truckie but heals like an Angel. Empathic and genuinely caring. Highly recommended. 5 stars.


As someone who is a professional in the counselling/healing field I have had 40 years of experience with many different modalities in many different cultures throughout the world. 

Aaron, without any doubt, tops every single one of them for his ability to delve deep within the psyche and unlock trauma which prevents mental and emotional health from flourishing- 
His work with you results in a deep sense of rightness ... as opposed to feeling somehow wrong in your body

My personal experiences with him are simply sensational
Trauma I did not realise was impeding my life was exposed within the very first session
I couldn’t help myself going back for a further 3 sessions ...with such tangible results my inner and outer life has changed irretrievably for the better
And I didn’t have to work at it or do a thing 

My past has been a constant journey to find out why I suffered so much with relationships - with people -with food -with substances- low self esteem - and more ...
Now Ive seen why

It was the subconscious programming held in place by early trauma that I did not have a clue was there despite spending my whole life digging 

Aaron also teaches simple methods which keep these new ways of being in place so you are able to continue and be what I understand now to be the genuine ‘self’ you were born to be instead of clouded by impulsive actions, feelings and thoughts 

I cannot recommend him highly enough- honestly. I’ve sent all of my previously stuck clients to him and a lot of them have had incredible results very quickly. 
The few others are still going back for more sessions and have said they will continue until they are able to also break free. They know it’s working deep within themselves 

The amazing thing is that these paradigms of response and behaviours we get into through traumatic experiences in early life -or are born with them - ARE able to be changed 
And so simply too. That was what totally floored me 

I myself - and many of my clients - plus my beautiful daughter -are all testimonials to Aaron’s unique ability and I have no doubt this gentle and extremely sensitive soul will go far with his work - he has really only just begun 

So get yourself a session with him before he is booked out solidly for months and even years in advance!!


I have been working with Aaron for 3 years and have found him to be very professional and confident. Kinesiology has helped me with issues where conventional treatment was less than effective. Highly recommend Horizon Kinesiology


Aaron and I have had many sessions together over the last 3 years. He has helped me work through my confidence issues and my feelings of belittlement. Aaron has always been very professional in our sessions and I hope to continue working with him in the future.