Kinesiology & Neuro-Training is a non-invasive natural therapy that uses muscle testing to find and correct imbalances in the body and mind to bring it back to it’s natural state of harmony.


Unlike many other types of therapy and methods of healing that deal only with symptoms and ask “What’s wrong with you?”, Kinesiology instead deals with the ROOT CAUSE of “What’s wrong with you?” and asks “What happened to you to bring about what’s wrong with you?”. It’s a holistic approach that assesses the person as a whole. This means we take into consideration your physical, mental, emotional, biological, spiritual and social states of being. 


Whatever symptoms you’re experiencing right now, be it in the form of bad habits, unwanted behaviours, emotions or unexplained physical pain and/or conditions, they are a result of past experiences and trauma. From these past experiences and trauma we unwittingly develop subconscious beliefs as way to deal with life. 


We actually function from our subconscious mind 95% of the time. Things such as driving, walking, eating etc are all subconscious, things that we do automatically without thinking. So, when we have a subconscious belief that has developed as a result of some bad experience such as a divorce, this subconscious belief is in operation 95% of the time. Let’s say, the resulting subconscious belief out of the divorce is “I am not loveable anymore”. It’s easy to see how this belief can make life challenging and extremely painful.




Kinesiology & Neuro Training uses powerful yet gentle techniques that bypass the conscious mind allowing you to access deep, hidden subconscious beliefs that may be limiting you and causing you to feel emotional, mental or physical pain and discomfort.


In a session, we use the muscle testing to find the subconscious beliefs that limit you, your mind and your body. It’s kind of like we’re connecting the dots to your symptoms in reverse. Usually, once we find that belief, the flood gates open and then we can see why you do what you do. We then use the muscle testing again to indicate the best possible way to support your mind and body to make the lasting change.



What can Kinesiology do for you? 


Kinesiology will help release you from your past which is limiting you in the present and future. You will be able to move forward in your life, make decisions with clarity and ease, approach your goals with confidence and live life to the fullest with optimum health, energy and vitality.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be the best version of yourself 95% of the time? Kinesiology allows you to make these changes so you can be the best version of yourself everyday.

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