Hello there and welcome, 

My name is Aaron, I’m a fully qualified Neuro-Training Kinesiologist with certificates in Solution Orientated Neuro-Training, Trauma Recuperation, Meditation in Kinesiology and Diploma in Human Anatomy & Physiology. 

My background is in the dairy industry where I spent 17 years feeling trapped, stuck, unfulfilled and unhappy in my work and personal life. Unfortunately, this led to high levels of depression and anxiety. Everything in my life just felt like it was falling apart.

I was living a life that was destroying me physically, mentally and emotionally. It got to the point where I had to make a choice ...

to continue down this path or, make a courageous stand for myself to get my life on track in spite of any consequences that may follow.

On the journey to get my life back on track I discovered Kinesiology. That is the moment when my life transformed completely. During my many sessions, I learnt that there were barriers from past experiences and trauma that were holding me back from feeling fulfilled, energised and excited about life.

Along the way I realised a deep passion for wanting to help others achieve the same level of happiness, freedom and enlightenment I was experiencing after only a few sessions of Kinesiology. This led me to study Kinesiology through the College of Neuro-Training. I have now found my true path in life and happiness, leading to deeply fulfilling personal relationships and a career I could’ve only dreamed of in the past.

Now as a Kinesiologist and through my personal experiences in life, I feel I have the insight and ability to guide and coach you through life’s ups and downs which can hold you back from reaching your full potential and living the life you always wanted. My aim and passion is to help you thrive and achieve balance in your life through the various powerful techniques applied in Kinesiology. ​