3 Session Package Terms & Conditions


 The following Terms & Conditions are relevant to both “In Clinic” and “Online” Session Packages.



 Your Commitment to yourself and Horizon Kinesiology



I understand and agree that by committing to a 3 session package that I have made a commitment to myself. I agree that the 3 session package I have purchased will be completed within an 8-week period so I can gain the maximum amount of benefit and momentum for my life out of the sessions I attend with Horizon Kinesiology.


I understand that Aaron Farrell, Owner & Principle Practitioner of Horizon Kinesiology, arranges his schedule to be available for my Kinesiology sessions, therefore I understand that there is a cancellation policy. 


If I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment I agree to do so within 48 hours of my scheduled session time. 


I understand and agree that if I fail to give this notice, I will be charged the full amount for the session. I also understand that if I fail to attend all of my sessions I will still be charged the full amount for the 3 session package. 


I understand and agree that If I fail to complete all of my sessions within the agreed time frame that I will be charged the full amount for the session/s missed. 

E.g. 2 Sessions completed in the agreed time frame out of a possible 3 sessions in a 3 session package. Results in being charged for the 3rd session regardless of the session being attended or not.  


I understand that Aaron reserves the right, with regards to cancellations and charges, to assess each situation separately as he understands that life happens, and that some things are beyond my control. 


Horizon Kinesiology’s commitment to me



I understand that Horizon Kinesiology will at all times, with the utmost of care, knowledge and professionalism, attempt to give me the best possible outcomes and results from our sessions together.


I understand that Horizon Kinesiology will take lots of care to provide me with valuable and accurate information, but they cannot be responsible for the use that I make of that information. It is provided as a guide and I am responsible for my own actions.


I understand that any testimonials displayed on the Horizon Kinesiology website are based on the experience of previous clients. They are not a guarantee that anyone else will achieve the same results. 


I understand that Horizon Kinesiology will work with energy to access my subconscious mind to identify and release any stresses around my area of concern.


I understand that to get to the root cause of an issue we are working on can take several sessions.  


I understand that Horizon Kinesiology has the right to not proceed with the Kinesiology Session if:


  • I am intoxicated with Alcohol or under the influence of drugs.


  • If I have not arrived of my own free will. 


  • If Aaron does not get permission from my subconscious via the muscle testing to proceed with the session.


  • If Aaron feels that he is unable to help me and that it is unsafe for me to move ahead with the session.


  • If my area of concern is out of Aaron’s scope of practice and knowledge.


  • If I am in need of having medical advice first.




Horizon Kinesiology will always endeavour to help support me with my overall health and well-being.