Fears and The Negative Self

Fears: Delusional & Rational

Fears: The single most common root cause of all Mental, Emotional and Physical symptoms that arise for my Clients in sessions. For most people, fear is something they are unaware of. Activities such as skydiving, swimming with sharks, watching England play in the world cup or watching a scary movie, are fears we are aware of and are completely rational.

What most people are unaware of is delusional fear and how much it can influence your daily life on every level. Be it in finance, change, the future or the unknown, people or situations, decision making, your business or career, making mistakes, missing out and “not being good enough” to name just a few. Any of those sound familiar? If so, then there is a fear setting up the emotional or physical reaction you feel around a particular justification, self-denial, self-doubt or any given area of life.

Justification for not doing something, self-denial and self-doubt .... now, aren’t they something we are all very aware of! They’re like an old friend who won’t go home after the dinner party finished 5 hours ago, but decided to sleep on the couch instead and never actually went home, and now, somehow, someway, they’re living with you constantly.

That “old friend” shall now be known as The Negative Self.

The Negative Self

The Negative Self is actually more our darker shadow rather than our old friend, and with it, looms trickery and denial.

We inadvertantly created it to deal with negative or emotionally painful situations, which we go through at different stages in our life. At times, we don’t know how to deal with said situations, so what we do is the psychological phenomenon of reproducing ourselves mentally. By suppressing the pain and fear we experience, we literally make another self; The Negative Self.

The Negative Self allows us to continue to survive while we feed it our pain and fears so we don’t have to endure them. Unfortunately, we are unaware of the existence of The Negative Self, and this in turn leads to detrimental circumstances for our wellbeing.

As we continue to feed The Negative Self with our pain and fears, it grows stronger and becomes destructive in our lives. It is a master at creating illusions for you to believe. Denial, doubt, justifications, drama, life crises, pain, excuses and helplessness, are all examples of illusions created by The Negative Self. While it is active, we are never living life to our fullest potential.

Fact and Feeling

From the day we are born we experience 'rational' fear. These experiences of fear lead to "feeling"; and feeling is why The Negative Self creates 'delusional' fears. I’m sure all of us have been hurt by a traumatic event at some stage in our lives. The traumatic event is Fact. Yes, the event happened and it’s not imaginary. As it hurt to experience the traumatic event, your feelings now have a need for protection. To protect our feelings we suppress them. From this suppression, the Negative Self creates a delusional fear as an illusion of protection from experiencing those feelings again.


The delusional fears created by The Negative Self manipulate our actions, creating negative approaches to life, and negating any positive actions to the point where we start to lose control over what we’re feeling. The Negative Self now thrives, feeding off mental and emotional pain and fears.


Once the effects upon you have been made this then leads to Hurting: Anxiety, Depression, expectations, conflicts, misunderstanding, bodily ills, mental breakdowns, emotional reactions and general loss of well-being. The Hurting now creates your reality; this is the reality that you base your life upon. Unfortunately, most people unwittingly live their life through the repertoire of pain and pain behaviours, evaluating the reality of experience based on how they feel about it, not realizing those feelings may be manufactured by the Negative Self.


The memories recorded through the fears that have been created, reinforce what has been experienced from a fear based perspective. The memory of pain now becomes a habitual motivation for our actions, with fear supplying the energy. Just having memory of the pain is enough to lock us into a pattern of Negative Self fabricated defenses that keep us prisoner to it for life!!!

This spiral of fear, justification and self-denial is what the Negative Self feeds on to ensure its existence.

Good news!!! You can be set free and The Negative Self can be destroyed through Kinesiology with Neuro Training.

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