The Emotional Response

Do you constantly feel like your emotions are the reason why things are going wrong in your life? Do you have “emotional issues” that are inhibiting you from living your greatest potential? How many times have you blamed your failed career, failed relationships or failed self development on your emotions?

Well I have a little secret for you. Your emotions are NOT the reason that you're stuck and feeling like you’re never able to move forward. Your emotions are not the cause, they are the response!!!!

The emotional response is an involuntary reaction to life. Whether it’s a feeling of sadness, anger, hopelessness, joy or excitement - these emotions are an automatic reflex to any situation at hand and when this reflex starts to negatively affect us they become symptoms. Your emotions are not the cause, they are the symptoms!!!!

So many of us want to run away from our emotions, we want to lock them away and act like they don’t exist, we try to ignore them, balance them out, control them. But by suppressing these emotions we are causing our internal environment to shift, and not in a good way. By suppressing them, we are failing to understand the underlying issue and reason for the response.

Suppressed emotions put our sense of wellbeing in a dangerous place and begin to pick at our sense of self, creating holes in our worthiness and making us feel as though we are never doing enough. These unresolved emotions cause a traumatic experience within your body and manifests itself into physical, emotional and mental symptoms. It puts strain on our survival system, which becomes accustomed to being in defence mode and believes we have to tread with caution into every situation.


All this because we ignored our emotions. All this because we believed our emotions were the issue. All this because we believed that our emotions were the CAUSE and not the RESPONSE.

It's time to start creating awareness around our emotions. It's time to start understanding that your emotions are a response to a build up of the unresolved. Start shifting your focus and asking yourself “why is this emotion coming up for me?”. By understanding the reasoning behind it, we can start to heal this reaction and begin to unleash your greatest potential.


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Original Content written by Carolyn Farnan and sourced from Resolve Beyond Neurology

Blog post designed and edited by Allie Michelle Aitken

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